I’m Cheating on my Husband with Beauty Products

I confess. Every Monday night when he goes to football (soccer in the old country), I get with my masks. And sometimes even my nail polishes. AT THE SAME TIME.

This whole affair started because my Other Half doesn’t believe in the efficacy of OTC topical products. This man lives in a city, commutes daily to an area of high construction (to wit – he once had to have an actual needle stuck in his eye to remove a piece of metal) and the only thing he uses to wash his face is an exfoliating glove and warm water once every 24 hours. So, you can understand how, when I walk into a room with [insert skincare product] on my face, his response is ‘what is that on your face? You know that shit doesn’t work’.

Yes it does, Other Half. Yes it does. I am human though, so I do admit that sometimes he is right (Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid is a case in point). But mostly he is wrong.  Besides, I find masking and doing my nails very relaxing and any little bit of pampering without The Kid hanging off of me feels like I’ve had an extended spa holiday. So  I find myself masking in secret like some sort of sheet mask wearing beauty troll skulking around my own home.

My favourite stash of masks, on rotation, are (in no particular order):

Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack followed by the Moisturising Moon Mask 

Genius. The mega greens mask has the benefits of clay without the insane drying that can occasionally occur, and then the application of the moon mask afterwards gives my face a calm and plump vibe, which helps my skin to take the rest of my routine perfectly.

Guy Morgan Apothecary Midnight Black Cleansing Mask 

I love all of Guy Morgan’s products; incredibly well executed. This mask in particular is great – another gentle yet effective clay mask, this is fantastic for when you need a bit of a deep clean. It comes in powder form and is activated by water – a very effective redness reducer. Moon mask chaser optional; highly recommended.

Cosrx Holy Moly Snail Mask 

Holy Moly indeed. I’m late to the sheet mask game, I’m sure you all know how awesome they are. I find snail mucin to be very effective at calming and healing my acne prone skin. Especially because I am an incorrigible picker (see last week’s piece), when I do myself a mischief in the evening, the next morning it’s almost as if I hadn’t literally (read: figuratively) gouged a hole in my face. Mucin is made up of glycolic acid and proteins, so that explains that. I also find that after this mask (and the Cosrx Advanced Snail 96) other skincare products and make up go on more smoothly.

Weleda Baby & Child Nappy Change Cream

 If it’s good enough for The Kid’s bottom it’s good enough for my face. I steal this one on my way out of her room if it has been a particularly cold, windy day or a long day at the beach. So soothing.

 Finally, I finish up with Mario Badescu Drying Lotion  and make sure I get into bed before the Other Half comes home.

The drying lotion isn’t a miracle; I’ll still have a spot the next day and I’m willing to bet you would too – HOWEVER – it does wonders for bringing it down, soothing any pain and itchiness and reducing redness. When there’s a monster spot on your face you can’t ask for much more than that.

Are any of you having beauty affairs? Or are all of your Other Halves supportive of your adventures in skincare and maybe even  they – gasp – use their own products?



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