Glossier has Literally (yes, “literally”, I know what that means and I’m sticking with it) Changed My Life.

Or at least my make-up routine. So, same same.

Routines are important. They are fascinating. I am one of those awful people who will stare at you applying make-up on public trans. It isn’t because I find it gross and I am trying to make you so uncomfortable that you stop, it’s that I love to watch the routine play out: the order of application, the way different people hold their tools, the style with which the applier moves in their hands. It’s very personal. I actually hate doing my make-up in public because I feel exposed.

Rest assured, I do not just somewhat creepily consider only other people’s routines; I consider my own. For instance: I like the formality and privacy of applying at a vanity, I have a very measured style, a sure hand but not too fussy – if it’s imperfect whatever, my face is imperfect, so it fits – and I prefer to use my fingers for application. This last preference tends to dictate not only which products are used but also where they are used. Part of my reluctance to apply in public is the rubbing of whatever it is from wherever I am all over my face and into my cosmetic pots.

Because my routine dispenses with brushes I have been searching, in particular, for the Eldorado of foundation since my very first disappointment with foundation. And this wasn’t any old foundation I was experimenting with – my mother worked for Chanel and I had access to a wide range of coverage options, shade options and also evolving formulations. I hated all of them. I ventured outside of the Chanel fold – I hated all of them. I never did discover a foundation, skin tint, BB cream or CC cream that blended well with finger application, enhanced the look of my skin while allowing my freckles to show through and gave my skin a naked, clean feeling. Until Glossier. Glory Glory Glory, praise be to God.   Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint is Eldorado. It goes on seamlessly, the coverage can be built up in certain areas (stubborn cheek acne scars – I’m looking at you) while also blending beautifully with areas requiring less product. The foundation litmus test for me is the Freckle Test™: do my freckles look sad, powdery and like I’m a twelve-year who has been bullied into covering them up? Yes? Your foundation is shit. OR, do my freckles look like the lovely golden dewdrops that they are? Yes? Are they clearly defined in both colour and perimeter? Yes? Then, winner winner chicken dinner, you must be Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint!

Before Glossier (BG), even on my worst skin days, I would only use concealer under duress and under no circumstances would I wear foundation; I swear it made everything look worse.  Now, though, After Glossier (AG) I wear perfecting skin tint Every. Single. Day. I use Priming Moisturiser Rich and Stretch Concealer. I also wear Boy Brow, Haloscope and Generation G in either Zip (for a sweetly flushed me) or Leo (for a sexy but what-is-it-about-her me). In the dark ages, BG, I would never touch my brows, mostly out of fear of not looking like myself; nor would I wear lipstick (similar reasons). BUT NO MORE FEAR. We now find ourselves a couple of years on and a few collections into Glossier’s product range. In the year of our lord 2017 AG, Glossier has perfected the art of make-up to enhance natural features, easy applying and conscientiously created formulas that have a subtle-with-a-hint-of-sex look.

The first time I used my Glossier stash (thanks for sending it to London, mom) was the first time I ever said ‘wow’ out-loud, to myself, about my appearance. If that’s not life changing, I don’t know what is.



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