I am Mallory (the big one).  I’ve come to the blog train very late (I’m a Shit Millenial), though in my defence I have my hands full.  It’s difficult to [insert task] with a toddler on one’s lap.

I have started this blog to be a sister feature to my Instagram (@the_parlour_hackney).  On that Instagram I explore more natural leaning beauty products related to nails and nail care.  We are based in London and, while I can get my hair done at a salon which uses Organic Colour Systems (❤️ Glass House), and I can purchase my organic and natural cosmetics from devoted beauty stores (again, Glass House – located dangerously round the corner from me), I have yet to come across a nail salon which caters to the same discerning (read: picky) client.  I am not made of money, so rather than open a salon I have “opened” my Parlour.  Welcome!

To me, a parlour is traditionally a space that allows not just for relaxation and beautification, but also for conversation and information, so this blog is intended to offer a wider platform for discussions around beauty, the spectrum of synthetic to organic, pragmatism in relation to the same and also general life.  I talk too much – you can take the girl out of New York  but you can’t shut her up (🙄) – so a blog seemed a perfect antidote to the relative restrictions of Instagram (did you know there’s a word limit!?) and the very real restrictions of Twitter (@parlour_hackney BTW).

I hope you enjoy my ramblings.


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