Your Post-Apocalyptic Beauty Routine Sorted.

Recently, I cut my hair from shoulder length to just above the ear.  I go through cycles with my (mousy brown, quite coarse, wavy/curly) hair which are roughly characterised thus: long natural colour -> long, gentle golden balayage -> long, high lift blonde balayage -> just above shoulder length full head platinum, maybe with some pastel fun in … Continue reading Your Post-Apocalyptic Beauty Routine Sorted.


Minimalism in Your Beauty Routine (and Your Life)

This means so many different things to so many different people.  Minimalism where?  In ingredient lists?  Number of products?  Number of products used for any given task or issue?  Number of products per day?  A wider philosophy of living, even?  I won't bore you with any further rhetorical questions; these sorts of things are personal and … Continue reading Minimalism in Your Beauty Routine (and Your Life)